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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn’t my night guard help?
A: Night guards reduce chewing surface wear only. They are not designed to address jaw muscle and joint dysfunctions.

Q: What is the treatment for TMJ?
A: Treatment is comfortable, usually non-invasive and does not involve long-term drug therapy. Click Here for more information

Q: How long does the treatment last?
A: Active treatment usually ranges from 6-12 months; improvement is often felt within a weeks.

Q: Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before?
A: Rarely does dental or medical training include instruction regarding diagnosis or treatment of TMJ.  Due to the numerous seemingly unrelated symptoms, TMJ is often misdiagnosed.

Q: How much will my TMJ treatment cost?
A: Treatment costs are determined following comprehensive diagnosis and are customized for each patient.  Although not orthodontic in nature, fees are similar to orthodontics in cost.

Q: Will my treatment be covered by insurance?
A: Dental insurance, with very few exceptions, excludes TMJ benefits.  TMJ treatment may be covered by health insurance. It is important to note, we are not contracted with any carriers. We will file all claims with appropriate additional information. Claims will be considered at the out-of-network percentage if TMJ coverage is available.  We request your insurance company reimburse you for any contracted benefits.

Q: Does Dr. Simmons accept Medicare?
A: Dr. Simmons has opted-out of Medicare.  By law he may not file with Medicare for any services provided in his office or provide you with the means to do so.

Q: What payment methods are available?
A: Dr. Simmons requests payment at the time of service.  Accepted payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or checks. Interest free programs or traditional longer-term financing is available through Lending Club. We will provide information for you to research, compare and determine which plan might be best for your situation.