Cris Simmons DDS

Your Jaw Pain & TMJ Expert




The first step in your diagnostic process is a one hour consultation with Dr. Simmons, during which he will review your history, complete a detailed examination, and make appropriate recommendations. From this information you will leave with an understanding of how your often seemingly unrelated symptoms are connected to your jaw dysfunction.

Dr. Simmons treatment for TMJ is conservative and reversible using an orthopedic appliance. The appliance is designed to balance the relationship between the jaw joints and muscles. Throughout treatment Dr. Simmons will evaluate your jaw function and adjust the appliance to optimize effectiveness. Even though accomplishing maximum comfort, function and healing typically requires 12 months, you will notice improvement much sooner.

Long term stabilization of your TMJ and jaw related disorder is also a part of Dr. Simmons comprehensive care. Many patients are able to maintain their level of comfort and function achieved by treatment wearing their oral appliance nightly. Other patients choose more permanent solutions including orthodontics and crown and bridge.

Dr. Simmons has extensive experience treating patients whose symptoms are a result of an injury, such as a motor vehicle collision. Effective reports and testimony on his patient’s behalf support reimbursement of treatment. If you are represented by an attorney, Dr. Simmons may be willing to provide your treatment on a medical lien.

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