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Self-Care for Jaw Pain

None of us want to see a doctor unless absolutely necessary.  One of the most compelling symptoms prompting us to call or see our doctor is pain.  Patients suffering from craniofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders (TMJ), unfortunately have few effective self-care options for the chronic pain usually associated with these conditions and therefore must seek professional care.  Acute jaw joint or muscle pain is a common problem.  Self-care can often be very helpful.  I recommend soft diet, limiting opening movements, anti-inflammatory medication, and warm moist compress to the affected area.  In other words, rest your jaw.  For jaw pain, studies indicate the best over the counter medication is Aleve (sodium naproxen).  This medication is well tolerated and requires only one dose every 12 hours to be effective.  I strongly recommend the gel capsules over the tablets.  Gel capsules act faster and do not irritate the stomach lining, which can occur with significant side effects when taking the tablet form.  Of course should your pain and/or limitation of movement persist for more than 7-10 days or become worse you should seek care from a professional trained in the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders

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