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Summer Travels

Earlier this summer my wife, Anna and I went to New York City to visit my colleague, Dr. Peter Ferro.  I met Dr. Ferro some years ago when he became a member of the International Congress of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and then attended the annual scientific meeting.  Over the years, Dr. Ferro and I have spent time together at ICCMO meetings followed by interim phone calls.  I have come to know Dr. Ferro as a conscientious dentist with a passion for learning.  Just the kind of person I want to know more about.  As some of my readers will know, my wife Anna works with me every day as my office manager.  Dr. Ferro’s wife, Camille, also works with him in the same capacity.  We share so much in common; it was about time to visit them in their practice to see what we could learn.  They have a very attractive and comfortable (the Germans would say gemutlich) office on Madison Avenue.  As it happens, several other of my old dental colleagues practice in the same building. I visited with several of Dr. Ferro’s patients who declared he was the best dentist ever!  Well, maybe on the east coast.

There was not much time for sight seeing, however, since we were already on Madison Avenue, I had to drag Anna with me for a visit to the Ralph Lauren Mansion.  If you are ever in NYC this store should be on your list of things to see.  The building, built in the 1880s as a private residence, covers about one quarter of a city block.  During the renovation as the Ralph Lauren Men’s Store, no detail was overlooked and no expense spared.  We easily spent an hour touring the several floors and I came away with a few sale items.  Across the street are the Ralph Lauren Women and Home stores, so we naturally had to see that as well. Later, we walked back to Dr. Ferro’s office passing up numerous tasty shops for wonderful lunch with Peter and Camille and then off to the airport.

If you have need of a neuromuscular dentist in the greater NYC area, I can enthusiastically recommend Dr. Ferro! You will not be disappointed!

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