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June 2011 Chelan Neuromuscular Seminar

Last June I sponsored the Chelan Neuromuscular Seminar held under the auspices of the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO). The seminar was limited to twenty dentists in order to encourage open dialogue between the participants in a more casual atmosphere than exists at the annual ICCMO conventions. Although Chelan is not a convenient seminar location; dentists came from all over the United States and Canada to hear our featured speaker, Dr. Robert Jankelson as well as Dr. Graham Reedy and myself.

Dr. Jankelson gave a comprehensive presentation on the scientific and political history of neuromuscular dentistry. He was there at the beginning when his father, Dr. Bernard Jankelson developed the neuromuscular concept. Dr. Jankelson practiced dentistry based on neuromuscular concepts over his entire career.

Dr. Graham Reedy, a physician who specializes in sports medicine, has included neuromuscular dental concepts in his differential diagnosis and treatment for over thirty-five years. His perspective on the value of the medical dental neuromuscular interface was enlightening and we were happy he was able to speak at our seminar.

My presentation was focused on the diagnoses, treatment and management of difficult dental cases. Without neuromuscular diagnostic instrumentation these cases could not have been possible nor had such positive outcomes.

The participants noted that the three presenters represented over one hundred years experience in neuromuscular dentistry. The seminar was judged by all to be a success and plans were made for the third Chelan Neuromuscular Seminar in June 2013.

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