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International College of Cranio-Manibular Orthopedics

Last October, my wife Anna and I attended the 22nd Annual Bernard Jankelson Memorial Lecture Forum in Tempe, Arizona.  Dr. Jankelson was internationally known as the father of Neuromuscular Dentistry.  The International College of Cranio-mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO) holds this annual conference in honor of Dr. Jankelson who died in 1987.  The speakers were primarily from the United States, but we were also treated to two speakers from Australia this year. For the third year in a row Anna, who works with me as my practice administrator, taught a course in communications and insurance management for the dental staff in attendance.

It was an interesting weekend to say the least.  One week before the meeting, I received a phone call requesting I teach a half-day program to clinical staff on using Neuromuscular diagnostic equipment in support of the dentist.  Unfortunately, the designated instructor had to drop out at the last minute.  Then on my way to the airport, I received a frantic phone call informing me that the doctor who was to teach the second portion of the course on Neuromuscular diagnostics had a medical emergency and was on his way back home to Texas.  I was asked if I would teach the course all day.  No problem!  I spent a delightful day with the clinical staff of several dentists who were new to Neuromuscular dentistry and ICCMO.
The first night festivities consisted of the Fellowship Awards Banquet where three ICCMO Fellowships were awarded with all the traditional academic fanfare.  The scientific session continued through Saturday and was very sucessful.  Anna and I found the meeting was everything we expected, teaching, commeraderie, learning and discussion -which continues long after the conference is over.  We are looking forward to the ICCMO International Congress in Vancouver, Canada in November this year.

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